Concealer Compulsion

   Finding the right concealer is one of those things that you wouldn't imagine to be a challenge. The funny thing is, I was never overly concerned with my dark, under-eye circles until getting hooked on Youtube beauty channels. I used to just buy either one of two concealers that I felt worked well for me. Suddenly I found myself looking critically at every spot, speck, and shadow on my face; deciding that all those imperfections were too imperfect, and that every product I had been using was not good enough to make my skin look absolutely flawless. The dark circles under my eyes became a particular fixation. I began exploring different brands, colors, and formulations of concealers, abandoning the ones I had trusted for so long.

   Ultimately I have learned that I never should have strayed from what I knew worked for me before.

   In the past year, I have spent quite a bit on makeup in general, and a ridiculous amount on trying to find the perfect, ultimate concealer. The concealer that would cancel out my dark circles, brighten the skin under my eyes, and not crease or cake up on me throughout the day. I haven't found that, and instead now use two or three different concealers to try to achieve the effects I'm looking for. Why, where's the point in that? I'm not a makeup artist who's skin has to be flawless at all times. I'm not in TV or movies, nor am I constantly being photographed in such a way that my dark under-eye circles are causing a problem. I truly feel that I've lost sight of what used to matter to me, and what made getting ready every day a lot less stressful.

   This may sound like a lot of drama over concealer. I mean, really, it is quite a trivial thing in the long run. I guess the point in all that I'm trying to say is that I feel that concealer, for me at least, has become a fitting representation of the anxiety I feel regarding the lack of control I have over so many aspects of my life. And I'm just really tired of trying to control everything. I want to simplify my life, and that includes the day-to-day makeup I use. I do not want to have to use more than one concealer in the morning,. Literally, "ain't nobody got time fo that."

   So this collection of concealers you see- I don't need or use 50% of it. My plan is to really go through each of them and determine what will stay and what will go. I'll give you a brief overview of my feelings regarding each concealer.

Maybelline Fit-Me (in Sand and Medium) and Instant Age Rewind (in Medium): 
Pros-blend well into the skin, stay put all day
Cons-limited color selection, cause under eye area to look gray and ashy.
Love these concealers, but unfortunately the colors really don't work for me. Anything lighter than Medium is too light for my skin, but Medium and Sand are too pink and leave a gray cast underneath my eyes. I have pretty much given up on using them for under eye concealers.

NYX Color Correcting Concealer Palette: 
Cons-does nothing to color correct, does not blend well into the skin, looks patchy throughout the day
This was kind of a dud, to be honest and was a big waste of money, in my opinion, especially because it was over $10. I'll probably be tossing this soon.

NYX Full Coverage Concealer (in Orange and Green) and Dark Circle Concealer (in Medium): 
Pros-pigmented, full coverage concealers, great for color correcting, blend well, creamy texture
For the price, these are great concealers. The Dark Circle Concealer is amazing. Really and truly. I love the color, the texture, and the natural looking finish this has. I really feel that out of all my concealers, this currently does its job the best. My only issue with this concealer is that it will gather in the creases under my eyes, so I have to retouch a lot throughout the day. 

Mistura Universal Color Correcting Concealer:
Pros-great for color correcting and spot concealing, blends well
Cons-wears patchy throughout the day, very dry, not good for under eyes
I received this concealer in one of my Boxycharm's, had it not come in the box, I probably never would have purchased this on my own, as I do not like concealers that are in a stick formula. They are always too dry for me.

Tarte Colored Clay CC Concealer:
Pros-great color correcting and brightening, creamy, blends well
Cons-expensive, creases, poor color selection available
I love and hate this concealer. I love what it does but I feel that, for $24, this concealer should perform better than it does and that there should be more color options available. Perhaps my expectations are too high.

   For now, what I have will do. However, when I finally use up all these concealers, I will be going back to my tried and true Laura Mercier Secret Concealer. Who knows, maybe I'll be dissatisfied with that as well as it's been years since the last time I used it. If you have any suggestions as far as concealers go, I would love to try them out.Thanks for listening, or reading I should say, my long-winded rant and philosophy on concealers.

Have an awesome weekend.
Love, Little Mouse

Love, Little Mouse


  1. I struggle with concealer! To find one to eliminate the dark circles and brighten my eyes was the hardest to find, but I found that the rimmel wake me up concealer is so good and very long wearing!x

    1. I've been wanting to try the Rimmel concealer, now I feel really compelled to. Thanks for the recommendations! :)