One-Liner Wednesdays 04

It's been a while since I've done a One-Liner Wednesdays, so I have quite a few good ones saved up. I'll just share a few for today though, all of them from one of the funniest kiddos, whom I'll call Ray. He's a second grader.

Me: "Sit down please."
Ray: "Well I could if I had a chair."

"You're so comfortable, it's cuz you're squishy."

"Miss Samantha, your hair is SO big!"

"Need a hug?" (he overheard me sigh in frustration)

"Batman likes bats, not rats!"

"It's alive, it's ALIVE!!" (while reading the Gingerbread Man)

Till next time!
Love, Little Mouse

It's a Bad Habit, Babe

   Let's talk about a bad habit I have.

   Like most people these days, I have a lot of anxiety. I'm not unique, I know. And like most people who suffer from anxiety, I have little nervous habits that are a sure tell. Restless legs, lip or nail biting, skin picking, hair twisting, finger tapping, ect. 

Boxycharm Swag 01.15

   I received this month's Boxycharm box over the weekend. Although I haven't had the opportunity to use all of the products extensively, I'm pretty pleased with what came in my box this month. 

   Here's what I got...

Sweater Weather

   I love layering, comfy sweaters, and piling on scarves. That being said, it should be no surprise that my favorite seasons are autumn and winter. I love the cold, cloudy days with rain and wind. I love them.

   Sadly, because I live in Sunny Southern California, I rarely get to enjoy that kind of weather. We pretty much have year-round spring and summer. When the weather does actually start to cool down, there are a few sweaters and scarves that I especially love to wear.

   The reason I particularly love all of these sweaters and scarves, is that they can be worn in so many ways that they make great basics, even though some have bold prints.

Shorty Styles File 03

   My hair has been so dry and frizzy lately because of the weather, and the fact that it hadn't been cut for over eight months was not helping either. So I was really rocking this messy bun "look" a lot


So, I Had a Bad Week...

   Sometimes I feel silly for having a blog and writing about such frivolous things as makeup and fashion, when there are so many issues in the world today, so many ideas to share, so many worthwhile things to create or write about. It seems a bit shallow to focus a lot of my time and energy on trivial matters. 

   The thing is, I feel too much. Every instance of injustice I hear of or witness, every hurt, loss, or struggle that comes to my attention, strikes deep at my heart. I'm extremely sensitive to the feelings of others, to their life stories. I love hearing about what others have experienced, overcome, and learned from. However, no matter how many "success" stories I hear, I am acutely reminded that the issues plaguing mankind remain. For every triumphant story, there are three or four tragic ones, stories without a happy ending, or with any ending. I am constantly reminded of how much pain every human being faces in their life.

   And I'm tired of feeling so much pain.

   So I talk about things that seem shallow, trivial, frivolous. Because those things hurt far less to talk about than deep social issues. Saying that may make me sound shallow, but I sincerely am not a shallow person. I have a very active imagination, and am constantly thinking of new ways to solve problems, songs to write, battles to be won, innovative things to create. I love art, literature, music, science, and psychology. I want to learn as much as I possibly can for as long as I live. 

   But I don't want to share those things with others. Because to share my ideas, my deep, personal feelings and what I create from them or my personal thoughts on major issues is to make myself vulnerable; fragile, breakable. It means I would be willing subjecting myself to criticism; negative and disparaging remarks from those who disagree or are hostile. I simply don't want that. And I don't think that I'm a bad person for wanting to avoid that.

   Some say I'm too negative and pessimistic. I am working on having a more positive attitude. I really am. But I'm not going to fool myself into thinking that anything I write is going to have any impact on society whatsoever. And I certainly am in no way going to solve issues by talking about should be done. So I'll continue to write about trivial things, because it's a hobby and a way for me to take a sensory break from so much internal chaos. Maybe one day I'll want to share the things that haunt me, the strong opinions I have regarding major issues. Personally, I feel that it's more important to do my part by actually doing something to help rather than to just write about what ought to be done, and to do it without drawing attention to myself for it. So many people talk about what should be done or brag about what they are doing, and, to me, that seems as though they've completely missed the point of bringing attention to an issue.

   For now, I just want to suspend my emotions and write about things that make me forget how sad life can be. Even if doing so makes me seem like a vapid, shallow person. I know who I really am, and I don't need to prove who that person is to anyone else. And honestly, who cares if I like to talk about trivial things?! Things are not what define me, it's what I do, why I do it, and how I do it that defines me. That goes for everyone. I'm allowed to enjoy things AND still have awesome ideas.

   This post probably makes me sound absolutely insane and completely self-absorbed. I've just had a really difficult week, with far too much emotional upheaval, and it's gotten me thinking about what I'm doing with my life. Hence the irrational venting. I swear, I usually write this sort of thing in a personal journal so that my venting doesn't affect anyone else. I'm feeling a lot more angst this week than usual.  

Love, Little Mouse

Blueberry Lemon Ricotta Pancakes with Homemade Blueberry "Syrup"

   A little over a year ago, a friend took me to the restaurant Bottega Louie's in La, where I tried their Lemon Ricotta Pancakes with Blueberry Sauce. Let me tell you, I have never tasted pancakes so delicious. Ever since then, I've been wanting to recreate those pancakes. I've finally gotten around to experimenting and modifying a recipe that I found for just plain lemon-ricotta pancakes to be closer to what I remember the Bottega Louie pancakes to be. 

   I have to say, these pancakes turned out so well! The lemon is refreshing and compliments the richness of the ricotta cheese, while the blueberry throws a tart-sweetness to the mix. I am very pleased with this recipe, and so glad I made the modifications that I did. I highly recommend trying these if you are a breakfast food fiend like my husband and I, or if you want to make a fancier breakfast for family/friends. This is a really easy recipe, but it does take quite a bit of time to put all the ingredients together. The syrup takes the longest. Try these pancakes at some point despite the time they take to make, because they are absolutely delicious and totally worth the effort!

   Get ready though, this is going to be a long one...

December Favorites

   Another month has come and past. Another day, not here to last.

   Okay, enough corny poetry, I'm going to be talking about the things I really enjoyed the most during the month of December and why.

   Let's get started!