Some Updates on My Move Into Minimalism

   Hey there! Sorry it's been a while. I've had quite a bit going on, let me tell you a little about it...actually, it's a bit of a story, so I hope you're in for the long-read.

   A few months ago, I wrote about my goals to declutter my life and have more of a "minimalist" sort of style. At the time, I had just barely scratched the surface of what true Minimalism consists of, but since then I have been doing quite a lot of research and self-analysis in order to make the lifestyle changes needed so as to live a simple, uncluttered life. 

   About a year ago, I really didn't think I had too much stuff. I felt like I had just what I needed. We (my husband and I) lived in a small, one-bedroom apartment and everything fit in our apartment. But when we moved into our current home, which is a significantly larger back house, I was shocked at how quickly all of the extra space was filled. I then realized that I have way, way too many things. Not just clothing or makeup. I have a lot of sentimental items and knick-knacks I've kept and collected over the years; more kitchenware than two adults can actually use and keep clean (consistently); backups of backups for various cleaning supplies and skincare/haircare products; books I read once and have no intention of reading again...the list can really go on and on. 

   What it came down to, and what I slowly came to appreciate, was that all these things that I own have been holding me back and keeping me in a rut. And they don't fulfill me. This wasn't a new realization for me by any means, but I really feel that I've hit the age at which I care far less about things and more about my passions, goals, and experience, because things do not bring actual happiness or fulfillment, or purpose. They simply serve specific purposes in life. I'm tired of looking in my closet or on my vanity top or in my kitchen cupboards and seeing so many unused items, collecting dust, and feeling the guilt of knowing I wasted money. I'm tired of buying things that I only feel tepid interest in, only to regret owning later; cursing myself for not saving the money for something that I really, truly would love or could have used.

   While I can't get back all of the money I've spent on frivolous things, I can change the way I spend from here on out. And I can start removing the things from my life that are not only making me feel weighed down, but cause me to feel the need to keep purchasing more in order to try to fill some inexplicable void. I can make purposeful, specific purchases that involved a lot of thought, research, time, and self-analysis; bringing greater contentment with what I own. Everything I have will serve a purpose and help me to keep working toward important life goals, rather than serving as a temporary distraction or source of guilt. I'll end up saving more money than spending, because I will need less. 

   That is what I've been striving for, and I feel that this gradual purging of junk from my life has really brought me more peace of mind and has helped to relieve some stress. I still have a long ways to go before my journey is complete, if it ever will be, but I feel confident about the direction in which I'm heading. 

   I started off with my clothing and my makeup collection. I was able to purge roughly 80% of the clothing, some of which is pictured above. I was able to sell a few items and I plan on selling a few vintage pieces online before donating the rest. I purged roughly 50% of my makeup collection, giving some to friends and selling a few other things. Letting go of things that did not bring me joy or contentment has been so freeing. I wish that everyone could experience the peace of mind that comes with having less and being content. 

   Anyways, that's my long-winded explanation as to what I've been up to and working on over the last few weeks. Thanks for stopping in to read, and for your support. I really appreciate it so much. I hope you have an awesome, stress-free weekend!

Till next time.
Love, Little Mouse



  1. Hi, Little Mouse!

    It's great hearing how minimalism is helping to improve your life. I, like, am slowly adopting a more minimalist lifestyle and, so far, I feel a noticeable difference in how I feel in my own home!

    That guilt over spending all the money and just accumulating stuff we don't need in our living space is a shared experience. Still, you're right. We can make a change today and onward to make more deliberate purchases.

    Great post. You have a new subscriber. I look forward to reading more from you!


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Dan! I'm so glad you enjoyed the post.

      This has definitely been a progressive shift in thought process and in habits for me, so I have a ways to go before I've reached my end goal. However, looking back at the little progress I've been able to make has encouraged me to stay motivated and keep on simplifying as best I can. Having support from others has also been huge in staying on track, so it means a lot to receive encouragement from others, like yourself.

      Thank you so much! :)