Belated Summer Faves

I had every intention of posting this the first or second of September, but my time management skills of late have been quite sub-par. Things are always particularly hectic and overwhelming when school is first in session, and this year seemed to be more challenging than in the past. Despite all of that, I'd still like to share the tangible and intangible favorites of mine from this past summer, because there were some things that were, to a small degree, momentous and life changing.

I could be exaggerating on how life changing...


First off, I picked up a pair of new Chuck Taylor's because my old, reliable ones finally hit the proverbial dust. However, the pair I bought to replace them are Chuck Taylor II, emphasis on those Roman Numerals. The difference between these and the original style is mainly that the Chuck IIs have more cushioning and better arch support, along with a few other useful features. The quality that called to me the most was the improved arch support; I am unquestionably flat footed. These shoes are a bit pricier than the original Chuck's, so at first I was hesitant to purchase them, however they have turned out to be quite a nice investment. They are very comfortable, and still have the same aesthetic appeal as the original style does.

 I mentioned a couple posts ago that I had begun a Bullet Journal (more on that under INTANGIBLES). For my endeavor, I purchased the Leuchtturm 1917 Dotted Grid Notebook in black, along with a few artist's ink pens. I have become obsessed with this journal and with these pens. I've been working on hand lettering and calligraphy, and these tools have made that hobby even more enjoyable, as they write smoothly and have the perfect array of nib sizes to experiment with.

The Leuchtturm notebook is perfect for the Bullet Journal system, as it conveniently has the pages numbered for you and has a contents/index section at the front. I particularly enjoy the weight of the paper; my pens don't bleed through, and the paper surface is smooth but not slick. There's an adorable pocket in the back, two bookmarks, and an elastic band closure. I love dotted grid paper for writing and hand lettering. It is not too visually overwhelming, yet still allows me to have some basic guidelines to keep things even.

Long story short: Best. Notebook. Ever.

As someone who is working on becoming as much of a minimalist as is possible, I made a big mistake by looking into what products were available during an online sale from Tarte. I ended up purchasing ALL THREE of the new shades from their Naughty Nudes (that name though, really?) blush collection.

I was ashamed enough of myself, so, please don't condemn me for my weakness.

That being said, I absolutely adore the shades Sensual and Seduce. They are colors that are unique to my collection and I don't regret having purchased them...even though I am well aware of the fact that I did not need them. The only shade I do regret purchasing and wish I had returned it when I had the opportunity to is Rique. That one is quite similar in tone to Exposed and creates pretty much the same appearance as Seduce, so I definitely could have lived without Risque.

Another tangible favorite of mine that I apparently forgot to photograph was the Lemon Drop candle from Target. It smells absolutely scrumptious; like a freshly baked lemon bar. It was the most pleasant scent to burn in our home over the summer. I sincerely hope that Target keeps the scent around for a bit longer, or at least come out with it again next summer.

I'm trying not to horde candles, but if they leave me no choice...


The Bullet Journal. Where do I begin? Even though I use a tangible journal/notebook for this, the concept itself is intangible, because the application of it is dependent on the individual. The Bullet Journal is basically a system of organization. It can include whatever you want it to, but the overall idea is that any calendar, scheduler/agenda, random notes or lists, ideas, etc., would be stored in your Bullet Journal.

I highly suggest this system of organizing, especially if you are someone who has struggled keeping other organizers and agendas. Check out the website and the video by Ryder Carroll, the originator of the Bullet Journal, in which he explains how the system works.

I owe all thanks to my friend Nicole for introducing me to the Bullet Journal. She knows me well.

Another life changing intangible favorite from this summer, was keeping a capsule wardrobe. I narrowed my capsule down to forty items, and kept it that way, for the entire summer. It was so incredibly freeing not to wonder or worry about what I was going to wear, and I was not tempted to spend money on unnecessary pieces of clothing. I was content, and it felt amazing. I plan to continue creating capsule wardrobes from now on. They will definitely be less affected by seasonal change, as California has no real seasons, however I am excited to stick with a minimal wardrobe in hopes that it will continue to refine my habits and my mindset.

This summer, I discovered Twenty One Pilots. I know, I know, I'm incredibly late to the game. Nevertheless, I am obsessed with this band. Mostly due to their lyrics. It's rare for me to find lyrics these days that hit me at such a deep level and lay bare thoughts and feelings I've not quite been able to put into words myself, yet that is exactly what Twenty One Pilots is for me. I'm hooked.

And finally, that's it. Thank you so much for stopping in and taking the time to read or even scroll through this post. I truly appreciate your support!

Till next time.
Love, Little Mouse

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