A Very Belated Post on My November and December Favorites

   Belated yes, but my feelings towards the tangible and intangible items I'm going to talk about are still just as strong. So let's get into them, shall we? This is going to be quite a wordy post, so prepare yourself.

Boxycharm 12.15

   I had every intention of getting this post up sooner rather than later, but I actually am glad I'm not getting to it until now because it gave me a good amount of time to test out a few of the products and formulate some solid opinions. So let's get into it!

One Liner Wednesday 015

   Could I have failed to post One-Liners any harder? Oh well, here's some good ones...

(names have been changed)

"If I lay down in the grass like this it gives me more power." Tom, 1st grade

"You're right but you're a big percent wrong." -Lisa, 3rd grade

"I'm like a wet hurricane!" -Flo, 1st grade

"My brain tells me what to say. Am I a genius, or what?!" -Brandon, 1st grade

Till next time!
Love, Little Mouse