Boxycharm 11.15

   So I've been negligent in sharing what I've been receiving in my Boxycharm the last couple of months. Honestly, I have been going back and forth trying to decide whether I should keep my subscription to Boxycharm or if I should cancel it. I've been talking so much here on my blog about trying to minimize the amount of things I own, and it just feels as though having a monthly subscription box packed with products that I don't necessarily need to own or even wish to own seems counter-intuitive to that decision. So I may very soon be cancelling my subscription to Boxycharm. 

   We shall see. As for now, I just received this month's box in the mail today, so I thought I'd share what it included and my initial thoughts on the products. 

On the Darkside

   I have always found it humorous that darker colors are viewed as more "appropriate" or easier to wear during autumn, especially because I love wearing darker, richly saturated colors year round. I am always happy to wear a bold lip color, nearly black nails, and deep red eyeshadows at any time of year. However, there is something really fun about pairing it all together during the autumn. So I thought I'd share my most loved and new-found loved products/colors that I'll be turning to this autumn and winter.

One Liner Wednesday 014

   Just a few little funny quotes from the kids this week.

"Ms. Samantha, you look more prettier today than yesterday!" -Chondra, 1st grade

"I sound like a horse." -Eric, 1st grade

"They're so old that they're dead." -Lizzy, 3rd grade

"I face planted." -Annie, 1st grade

Thanks guys, till next time.
Love, Little Mouse


September and October Favorites

   It's been far too long since my last post. Even though I haven't been very active here on the blog, I've been trying out some new things and rekindling my love for long-time favorite items. So without any further ado, here a my favorite things from the months of September and October.