On the Darkside

   I have always found it humorous that darker colors are viewed as more "appropriate" or easier to wear during autumn, especially because I love wearing darker, richly saturated colors year round. I am always happy to wear a bold lip color, nearly black nails, and deep red eyeshadows at any time of year. However, there is something really fun about pairing it all together during the autumn. So I thought I'd share my most loved and new-found loved products/colors that I'll be turning to this autumn and winter.

--Blush and Eyeshadow-- 

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Exposed and Irreplaceable- Exposed has definitely been one of my number one favorite blush colors since I purchased it last year, but I feel particularly drawn to it when the weather is gray and gloomy, and when my skin has become a bit paler. I find that it brings the most natural, perfect color to my cheeks, without overwhelming anything else I have going on with my eyeshadow/lipstick. Irreplaceable came from Tarte's 2014 Holiday Blush Palette (which I depotted because the packaging was ridiculously bulky). It's definitely my favorite blush from that palette; it's rich, deep pink shade is very flattering to my skin tone and pairs nicely with a lot of bronze and warm brown eye looks. 

Makeup Geek Eyeshadow in Bitten- This is a beautiful cranberry/burgundy matte shade. I love pairing this color with a shimmery gold or bronze, while blending Bitten into the crease of my eye and diffusing the color with a light, warm-toned brown. The combination is so pretty and brings so much light and warmth to my eyes. 

Mac Eyeshadow in Sketch- This reddish-brown eyeshadow has been a staple for me for years now. The color is so beautiful and pairs so well with almost anything, especially since it borders on being a completely neutral shade. The hint of red and warmth is what makes it a favorite for me, especially for defining the outer-v of the lid and crease.


   I really love wearing a dark lip all day, every day, so it thrills me that I can get away with extra-vampy colors during the autumn.  

Please excuse the appearance of my well-loved Mac lipstick. I know it looks disgusting.
Mac Verve Lipstick- I mentioned in my September/October favorites my love for this lipstick. It really is the most perfect, brown-nude for medium/tan skin tones, and it works well during this time of year too. Upon recent discovery, however, I've found an almost exact dupe for it...

Colorpop Lippiestick in Grunge- This lip color is almost, almost an exact color and texture match for Mac's Verve. Grunge is slightly deeper and a touch cooler, but for all intents and purposes, it's a much cheaper dupe. It's only five dollars, as opposed to sixteen or eighteen, and if you use the coupon coded THANKSBABE, the shipping is pretty much free. When I purchased Grunge, I thought it would be a much deeper, darker looking brown, so I'm a little disappointed that it turned out to be a color I already owned. But I still love the color, and it will be good to have it when I hit the end of Verve, which will be soon. 

Mac Sin Lipstick- Mac's Sin is an absolutely beautiful, deep and rich red. I was completely obsessed with this color last autumn and winter, and I'm so happy to get to break it out more regularly again.

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks in Exorcism, Nosferatu, and Vampira- Nosferatu and Vampira are your straightforward deep, vampy reds. Nosferatu is a rich, deep crimson color, whereas Vampira borders on the edge of being almost black if you layer it up enough. Exorcism can also reach that intensity, but instead of appearing red, it definitely comes off as a more purple-maroon-like hue. It is very beautiful, but can really drain the color from your face, so you have to wear a brighter blush to compensate for the effect the lip color has against the skin.

--Nail Color--

   During the autumn and winter, I prefer to wear gray-ish neutrals or deep, almost black shades. These are my favorites...

Nails Inc in Porchester Square and Kensington High Street- I've talked so much about my love for Porchester Square, but I will once again state my deep love for this color. It is the most perfect neutral shade ever. Kensington High Street is a beautiful berry-red, and wears for a good while without chipping.

Sonia Kashuk in Tauped- I love this color. It's another great neutral that I feel is understated but not boring.

Cult Polish in Boneyards- I love a good gray. I received this absolutely perfect, deep gray polish in my Boxycharm last month, and I really love it. It applies on the thinner side, so you need to apply three coats to get it to be opaque, but once it dries, it is beautiful.

Essie Polish in Sky Cartel and Wicked- Sky Cartel is the most perfect navy blue. My favorite thing about it, is that the blue is so vibrant in outdoor lighting, but appears almost black when indoors. I love it. Wicked is a deep and rich oxblood-red shade. This appears black in most lighting but will have a gleam of red if you catch it in the right light, which is so cool looking. 

   Well those are quite a few of my autumn (and winter) go-to colors, thanks so much for taking the time to read my 'light' commentary on each product. As always, thank you for your support, and I very much hope that you are enjoying this autumn and all the wonderful changes in nature it brings. 

Till next time!
Love, Little Mouse


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