One-Liner Wednesday 013

   I know. I know.

   I have been the worst at posting lately and I feel so bad about it, but I've been swamped with work and other responsibilities. I haven't had a great deal of extra time to edit and post frequently. I realized today that I haven't posted any funny kid quotes over the whole summer and I have so, so many that I've collected. So it's time to share! (As always, the names have been changed)

"I'm gonna catch a hermit person. And they're gonna live in my house. I can't wait to catch my first hermit person." -Dale, 2nd grade

"This is no time to eat breakfast inside!" -Ray, 2nd grade

"You sound like a little rat." -Katy, 2nd grade

"Like when your sister dresses up really nice for a party." -Me
"No, she dresses ugly." -Seth
"That's not very nice to say." -Me
"But she does dress ugly!" -Seth, 2nd grade

"But I'm not an awesome summer girl with a hat, like you!" -Lizzy, 3rd grade

"Everyday I'm smelling something different!" -Brandon, 1st grade

Till next time guys!
Love, Little Mouse 


What to Wear: Vegas

   Hey there! Sorry for the long silence here, I've been trying to keep up with my new schedule and just haven't had the time I would like to devote to the blog. 

   But I'm here today to share with you a few outfits that were inspired by I based these outfits around key pieces that I knew would be ideal to mix and match with as I would go through a day on The Strip. I tried to approach this with my "new found Minimalist-mindset," try to use good foundation pieces in order to easily transition from one setting to the next. I hope you enjoy what I came up with!

Back to Reality

   Today was the first day of school where I live, which made it the first day of work for me. This was the first summer break that I really felt was far too short. As much I enjoyed my time off thoroughly, it felt as if the summer was packed with more things to do than the rest of the entire year was. 

July and August Favorites

   As in love with autumn as I am, I'm a little bit sad that summer is pretty much over. I go back to working with the kids at school next week, and I am feeling a mixture of both excitement and anxiety over that fact. It's always fun to get to work with the kiddos, but I will be working at a new location this year and I don't do well with major change. I am looking forward to it though, as I know it will be an excellent opportunity to improve in my skills. 

   With all that being said, I missed posting my favorites from July, so I thought I'd combine both my July and August favorites into one post. Let's get into it!