One-Liner Wednesday 013

   I know. I know.

   I have been the worst at posting lately and I feel so bad about it, but I've been swamped with work and other responsibilities. I haven't had a great deal of extra time to edit and post frequently. I realized today that I haven't posted any funny kid quotes over the whole summer and I have so, so many that I've collected. So it's time to share! (As always, the names have been changed)

"I'm gonna catch a hermit person. And they're gonna live in my house. I can't wait to catch my first hermit person." -Dale, 2nd grade

"This is no time to eat breakfast inside!" -Ray, 2nd grade

"You sound like a little rat." -Katy, 2nd grade

"Like when your sister dresses up really nice for a party." -Me
"No, she dresses ugly." -Seth
"That's not very nice to say." -Me
"But she does dress ugly!" -Seth, 2nd grade

"But I'm not an awesome summer girl with a hat, like you!" -Lizzy, 3rd grade

"Everyday I'm smelling something different!" -Brandon, 1st grade

Till next time guys!
Love, Little Mouse 


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