Where I Hope to Someday Be

There are so many distractions. They assault my senses daily; overwhelming and over stimulating sights and sounds that leave me feeling numb.

And I'm tired of it.

Belated Summer Faves

I had every intention of posting this the first or second of September, but my time management skills of late have been quite sub-par. Things are always particularly hectic and overwhelming when school is first in session, and this year seemed to be more challenging than in the past. Despite all of that, I'd still like to share the tangible and intangible favorites of mine from this past summer, because there were some things that were, to a small degree, momentous and life changing.

I could be exaggerating on how life changing...

My Move Into Minimalism 05: I've Hit Silver...

As I continue on my journey towards a more minimal, simplified life, one of my ongoing goals has been to be sure to use up the makeup products I already currently own rather than buying backups or excess. This has resulted in some of, what I feel to be, victorious pan hitting. Here's a breakdown of this small accomplishment...

The Winds of Change Have Taken Me...

Hello again! This summer has been one of the busiest I've had in quite a few years. So I have, unfortunately, neglected my poor little blog again. But I'm back to try again at this, and I'd like to share some exciting updates with you all!

A Belated Haul and Product Review


I have returned! With a bit of a Sephora haul and my opinions on the products I purchased.

My Move Into Minimalism 04: Project Pan Conclusion and Thoughts

   Hey there strangers. I know, it's been a while. Life happens.

   Though I didn't post the update when intended, I was faithfully working away at my Project Pan items and came to a happy end with that endeavor. I thought I'd share the results and a few thoughts regarding the entire Project Panning-process. To see the start of this Project Pan, click here.

   First, the conclusion...in pictures.

Why I Need Concealer in My Life

   Several months ago, I wrote a long winded post on my obsessive hunt for the perfect concealer. After reading Into The Gloss' post on their favorite concealers, I thought it might be good to share an update on not only what concealers work for me but what techniques I've found to be most effective.

   I have (sadly) noticed that as I age, the skin under my eyes not only has more fine lines, but has become a lot drier. I have to be really careful what I use, because one false step can easily make me look like an absolute mess.  So let me get on with what I do to prevent that hot mess from happening.