Is It Worth the Price? (Nails Inc Gel Effect vs Sinful Colors)

   OHMYWORD! What happened to me this last week?! I failed. But I am here now to redeem myself. Let's talk about some nail polishes, specifically a $15 nail polish versus a $2 nail polish.

   I mentioned in the haul I posted last week that I went on a bender with the Nails Inc Gel Effect polishes. I had tried the color Porchester Square and had loved the way it wore throughout the week so much that I thought it would be worth investing in a few more shades. 

   When my order arrived, I realized that the color Baker St. is an exact match for the Sinful Colors nail polish in Endless Blue; which I already owned. This was the perfect opportunity to compare the two brands to see how they stacked against each other.

One-Liner Wednesday 012

   So school has actually been out for Summer break for a week now. It should be that I have more time, but I feel like I've actually been busier in the last week than the last three months. Crazy.

   Anyway, I'll stop dawdling and get on with the funny quotes. A mix from the kiddos from work and my friends.

"Nachos are one of those things you can eat and eat, and suddenly you're fat." -LM

"You smell like dish wash soap." J

"He's my giant brother." Eric, 2nd grade

"Does your mom even love you?" Seth, 2nd grade

Till next time.
Love, Little Mouse


I Have a Problem...(A Confession/Beauty Haul)

   So this is beauty haul, but it's also a sad, sad confession. Clearly, I have a serious problem. I mean, did I really need eight new nail polishes and eye shadows, or two new liquid lipsticks? No not at all, and yet, here we are. Do I regret these purchases? No, not so much. Especially because this is more of a collective beauty hall; things I accumulated over the course of a few weeks. So let's shamelessly talk about my binging-beauty-shopaholic-disorder.

Boxycharm 06.15

   This month's Boxycharm arrived earlier this afternoon, and it had some real goodies packed in it. Let's check it out!

My Move Into Minimalism: A Fashion Haul

   Well hello there, how are you? I hope you're doing well, if so, that's awesome. 

   I've been mentioning in a lot of my recent posts that I've been trying to declutter and streamline my wardrobe. (Well, my life really, but that's not relevant to this specific post.) To that end goal, I have removed a ton of clothes from my closet that were either too old or worn, too difficult to pair with other items in my closet, or completely unused. In the process, I've really started to form a solid image of what I want my wardrobe to consist of. 

   After I made the difficult decision to part with several skirts, a few dresses, and thirteen- THIRTEEN (all at once, it really hurt)- pairs of shoes that I really loved but were far too worn, torn, or stained, I was feeling a great void. 

That brings us to this "Haul."

Face of the Day 04: Rainbow Eyes

   I typically prefer to use neutral colors for my eyes because I almost always wear a bright, bold lip color. However, this past weekend I was really inspired to do a very bright, colorful eyeshadow look to pair with a really simple black dress. I really loved how this look turned out! I have no-where near as much skill as a makeup artist, so I was shocked that this came out looking so clean and well blended. It's not perfect of course, but it's better than I'd hoped for. This look is really not something I can recreate or wear often, but it was fun for the day and definitely got a lot of attention.

May Favorites

   It's June. Already. I can't even. 

   There were a few things that I was really enjoying during the month of May, mostly beauty related and a few entertainment related things. June will have many more favorites, I can promise you that. Anyways, let's dive in. 

One-Liner Wednesday 011

   Here's a few fun one-liners from the kids and my friends this week.

"Millie, can you color the border on the paper, please?" -Me
"I'm going to color you!"-Millie, 2nd grade.

"I'm creepy. I'm a banana." -Kat, 2nd grade

"What's a swan?" -Seth
"A type of bird." -Teacher
"Oh, then I'm allergic to swans." -Seth, 2nd grade 

"Hey! Did I tell you what my new favorite cereal is?" -N.

"People think this is a joke, but it's not a joke. This is my life. This is my REAL life." -J

Till next time, guys.
Love, Little Mouse


Good-Bye to You 01: Beauty Edition

   I decided to start this new series, "Good-Bye to You," on my blog. It will focus on my decluttering efforts and my review of used/empty products, without being the generic "empties" type of post. I plan to hopefully have an edition up once a month. As I'd mentioned previously, one of my goals this Spring/Summer was to make a concerted effort to declutter my life. I've diligently been rooting out items that just are no longer useful to me and sorting them out into groups of things to sell, give-away, or toss.

   This month, I'll be focusing on the beauty products that didn't make the cut when it comes to staying in my collection. Or the ones that I've completely used up and have some opinions on. Let's take a look at and talk about the good, the meh, and the downright ugly...or just useless.