Face of the Day 04: Rainbow Eyes

   I typically prefer to use neutral colors for my eyes because I almost always wear a bright, bold lip color. However, this past weekend I was really inspired to do a very bright, colorful eyeshadow look to pair with a really simple black dress. I really loved how this look turned out! I have no-where near as much skill as a makeup artist, so I was shocked that this came out looking so clean and well blended. It's not perfect of course, but it's better than I'd hoped for. This look is really not something I can recreate or wear often, but it was fun for the day and definitely got a lot of attention.

   I pretty much used only Morhpe and Makeup Geek eyeshadows for the look. It was not very complicated, just time consuming, as it took some care and precision in placing the colors and blending them together smoothly. I chose to pair it with a warm, nude lip...for fairly obvious reasons. 

   What do you think-would you wear this kind of bright eyeshadow look out and about, or do you think it's too much? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Till next time!
Love, Little Mouse


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