My Move Into Minimalism: A Fashion Haul

   Well hello there, how are you? I hope you're doing well, if so, that's awesome. 

   I've been mentioning in a lot of my recent posts that I've been trying to declutter and streamline my wardrobe. (Well, my life really, but that's not relevant to this specific post.) To that end goal, I have removed a ton of clothes from my closet that were either too old or worn, too difficult to pair with other items in my closet, or completely unused. In the process, I've really started to form a solid image of what I want my wardrobe to consist of. 

   After I made the difficult decision to part with several skirts, a few dresses, and thirteen- THIRTEEN (all at once, it really hurt)- pairs of shoes that I really loved but were far too worn, torn, or stained, I was feeling a great void. 

That brings us to this "Haul."

   I purchased all these items, not to ADD to my wardrobe, but to REPLACE items that no longer could be used or serve a purpose for me. These are basic, simple pieces that can be paired with pretty much anything else in my closet, making them the perfect "void" fillers. In fact, they're better than just "void" fillers. Their simplicity and versatility make them absolute wardrobe staples for me, as they not only suit my style, but are incredibly comfortable, cost-effective, and complimentary to much louder, brighter pieces I own. I'm really pleased with what I got, and excited that my move into minimalist fashion has been fairly smooth and, in a way, cathartic.

   Let's talk about these basics!

The Shoes

   As I mentioned, I painfully discarded thirteen pairs of shoes. Some were really bright colors, others simple neutrals, but the thing they all had in common was that they were completely trashed. Completely, utterly trashed. I wear my shoes out pretty badly, particularly my flats.

   So, I purchased three pairs of shoes. Two simple black flats from Love D by Puzzle (I think...) and one pair of black, studded sandals from Off Saks by Aerosoles.

Why the black flats:
   I was going to invest in one pair of really nice leather, black flats, but my husband said I'd be better off putting more money towards boots than flats, since the sole of the flats will wear out quickly no matter how nicely they are made. In addition, I'm lazy, so I don't get the soles repaired before damage is done to the body of the shoe. So I went with inexpensive, simple flats that I won't be broken up about when they have to be trashed later on. 

Why the studded sandals:
-extremely comfortable

   Several shoes I had to get rid of were sandals that had seen better days. These sandals are the perfect replacement and suit my style perfectly. I'm really happy with them.

The Skirts


   I purchased both of these skirts from ASOS. They were reasonably priced and are of very nice quality jersey material. They are both a-line, midi skirts, in fact they look like they are the same skirt, just in different colors. The black skirt is actually a few inches longer than the blue. These skirts are very flattering on me (which is the best part about them) and I absolutely adore them. I honestly think these were the best fashion purchases I've made in the last year.

Why the black skirt:
-extremely versatile
-reasonable price
-good quality

   This simple black skirt is actually exactly what I'd been searching for over the last two years, and I'm so very happy to have found it online. This skirt replaced two or three black skirts I'd been holding on to but were in less-than-favorable conditions. 

Why the blue skirt:
-surprisingly versatile
-good quality and price

   Some might say that a royal blue skirt is not really a minimalist choice. In my world, however, it is. Blue is my absolute favorite color and I actually have quite a few skirts in a similar shade, many that were patterned or textured, making them difficult to pair with other pieces. So this skirt, while bright in color, serves a solid purpose in my wardrobe and can be worn with about 85% of my clothes. It replaced three skirts.

The Dress

   When I purchased this H&M maxi dress, I felt really confident that it was exactly what I wanted. Then I had some doubts and buyer's remorse; I debated on whether I should return it. But after styling and wearing it out a few times, I decided that I absolutely love it. The cut and waistline are so flattering and forgiving, and the style of it allows me to layer it with lots of other pieces. This dress was really affordable and the perfect thing to replace a few items.

Why the dress:
-well fitting and flattering

   Despite the fact that I'm a little short girl (exactly five foot tall, what's up?!) I absolutely love the way maxi dresses look and feel. This dress is exactly what I'd been looking for. It replace one bleach stained maxi dress and one stretched out maxi skirt.

   I'm so pleased with the purchases I made, especially because everything I acquired replaced several items in my wardrobe; helping me to move closer to reaching the end-goal of streamlining my closet. 

   Thank you so much for reading this post! What are some recent fashion purchases you've made that you have been really excited about? I hope you all had an awesome week and will have a great weekend.

Till next time!
Love, Little Mouse


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