One-Liner Wednesday 03

Daniel: "Why are you sneezing?"
Teacher: "I have allergies."
Daniel: "What are you allergic to?"
Teacher: "Lots of things-"
Daniel, interrupting "Don't say us."

Till 2015

Love, Little Mouse

Let's Talk Tea

   I love tea year round, but when it's fall and winter, I seem to drink it by the gallons. I'm usually willing to try new flavors, but there are certain teas that will always have my heart. 

   Here are my favorite teas!

Boxycharm Swag 12.14

   My December's Boxycharm box finally arrived earlier this week, and I am so pleased with this month's contents. I'm so glad I finally signed up for this box.

   Here's what I got...

One Liner Wednesday 02...except it's Thursday

So I dropped the ball on posting yesterday thanks to an inconvenient cold I've somehow wound up with. Though it is belated, I hope you do enjoy this week's one liners. I may start including one-liners that I hear outside of working with the kids as well, because my friends say some pretty hysterical things...

The names of all the kids have been changed.

"It's shmarshmellows!" Mark, regarding a picture of snowballs.
Shmarshmellows are my favorite. 

"Teacher! He keeps saying penguin!" John
"Aww, sweet penguin." Jesse coos, patting John's head.

Me: "Find the spikey star."
Dale: "You mean the snowflake."
Me: "Yes, that is actually what I meant."

Laila: "Do you want to ask him what we're supposed to do?" (we were debating on entering a speak-easy)
Me: "Nah, I'm just going to look it up online and see what we need to do."
Laila: "Wow, that's very nerdy of you."

Till next time!
Love, Little Mouse

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I Did a Little Damage: Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales Haul

So this happened. 

   Black Friday, Cyber Monday, all the sales that week. Yeah. I went a little crazy and spent all sorts of money on things I may or may not have actually needed. I have no regrets. Zero. 

    Let's talk about my purchases, shall we?

   This is an EXTREMELY photo heavy post, so if that doesn't bother you, then please click the link below. 

One-Liner Wednesday 01

   I work as a classroom aide with special needs students at an elementary school. Needless to say, I hear some pretty funny things come out of the mouths of these little ones. I've been recording the little one-liners that make me laugh the most for a few weeks now in my journal, but I think that sharing these funny little expressions would be a great way to spread some joy and laughter. These little expressions make me so happy and they remind me why I love working with kids. I hope that you, dear reader (if in fact anyone is reading this at all), will enjoy these little one-liners as much as I did. 
   As you read them, picture the tiny, excited faces of a little boy or girl and the emotions that might pair with their expression. It will make it all the more entertaining for you. I'll share as many of these little one-liners as I can gather on Wednesdays.
   All names have been changed...

Teacher: "Great job, Ray!"
Ray (2nd grade): "Yeah, I guess."
Me: "You're not happy with your work?"
Ray: "Yeah, it's okay. I guess."

Me: "Amanda, please sit down and don't shout in class."
Amanda (2nd grade): "You don't know me!!" (Shouting, of course.)

Teacher: "It's time to count how many days we've been in school."
Brad (1st grade): "Shaaaall we?"

Jesse (1st grade), giggling, then shouting across the room with a Mario-like accent: 
"I like-ah dah penguin!"
Teacher: "Jesse, enough with the penguins." 

   I love my job. More to come next week!
Love, Little Mouse

Some of My Favorite Reads

   I love to get lost in a good book. I have been an avid reader since I was young, and I'm really grateful that my parents encouraged my reading habits. Today I really felt like writing about some of the books that I have loved at different points in my life. I can get pretty wordy when I talk about things I love and am passionate about, so I'll try not to make this too long of a post...

My Autumn Favorites

   I wasn't able to blog about my September and October favorites, so I thought I'd just do one post about my favorites things from this autumn season (September through November).

   I didn't really stray from my must-have-every-day items this fall, even though I got a few new things. I feel that I really need to use the new things I purchased for a little longer before I can say whether they are favorites of mine or not. 

   So, without further ado, here are my favorites from this fall season! Click the link below to view...