Let's Talk Tea

   I love tea year round, but when it's fall and winter, I seem to drink it by the gallons. I'm usually willing to try new flavors, but there are certain teas that will always have my heart. 

   Here are my favorite teas!

   My absolute, number one, favorite tea is hands down the Yogi Honey Lavender tea. I could drink this all day every day. And since it's caffeine free, I often times do. This tea is the perfect balance of flowery and sweet, it is neither too strong or too weak in flavor. It's just perfect. Perfect.

   Coming in at a close second is Tazo's Awake tea. This is a fabulous traditional black tea to start your morning off right. Because it's caffeinated, I can't drink it non-stop like the Honey Lavender tea, but I would if I could. I just love the strong aftertaste of this tea. Stash Tea's Breakfast in Paris is another great black tea, with hints of lavender and vanilla subtly intertwined with bergamot. It's quickly beginning to rival the Awake tea as far as favorites go.

   Trader Joe's Jasmine Green tea is a great green tea with really strong notes of Jasmine flower. I really love this tea, but I always add a touch of honey to cut the bitterness. This is one that I try not to steep any longer than sixty seconds, because the floweriness can get overpowering (for me personally) if I let it sit for too long. 

   For my 'Bed Time' tea, I love Tazo's Rest. It is very flowery. VERY flowery. The Rosehip game is strong in this tea. But I love it, especially with just a touch of honey. There is also Valerian root in this tea, which helps to calm and soothe your muscles, along with helping you to sleep. As I said earlier, this is the tea I'll drink before bed. It really helps me to unwind. Sadly, this tea has been discontinued!! So once I finish what I have, that's it, unless I pay a lot more for it through Amazon. I was fortunate enough to find two boxes at a Marshall's near me a couple weeks ago, other than that, I can't find it anywhere. I'm really sad about it. 

   Lastly, but not least, is the Trader Joe's Spicy Chai Latte tea mix. It is my absolute favorite chai, I can no longer tolerate the watered down, milky, flavorless chai lattes that the majority of coffee shops serve. Trader Joe's has ruined those for me forever. This is very, very sweet, so this is not a tea I drink very often. My husband thinks it's way too sweet, and it probably isn't the best thing I can drink because it IS all sugar, but I don't care. It's a special treat that I enjoy once or twice a week. It's not like it's the only thing I drink. 

   And that's how I justify all my sugar indulgences, in case you were wondering. (I know no one was wondering...)

   Well, that's it from me today. What are your favorite teas? I'd love to try something new, so please share your recommendations! 

Love, Little Mouse

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