Boxycharm Swag 12.14

   My December's Boxycharm box finally arrived earlier this week, and I am so pleased with this month's contents. I'm so glad I finally signed up for this box.

   Here's what I got...

   My box was packed full of amazing goodness. There was a travel sized hairspray by the brand Eva-NYC, mink lashes by Lina Lashes, a lip crayon in the shade Hot Damn by Be a Bombshell, a travel makeup brush by Mistura, and-the coolest part of all!-the Coastal Scents Revealed palette. Overall, the value of the box was roughly $110, but of course I only payed a whopping $21.
   $21...for all this awesome. It's just unbelievable. 

   Though I've only had these items for a few days, I have some thoughts regarding these products I'd like to share. 

   Let's start with the travel brush; it is soft, and the bristles are very flexible. I think it would be great for blush and powder. I really like it, however my brush smells like really bad glue. Maybe the smell will go away after washing it. We'll have to see about that. 

   The Eva-NYC hairspray smells really awesome, almost like a perfume. I have yet to use it in my hair, so I don't have any feedback regarding the hold. I just really, really, really love the smell. 

   The Lina Lashes are insane. I'm going to be 100% honest and say that these are in no way practical for my life. I don't use false eyelashes as it is, and these are really long, thick, and dramatic. I will, however, keep them in case I do someone's makeup for an event, or for the next time I cosplay. 

   The Be a Bombshell lip crayon is really nice. It is super moisturizing and the color is very pigmented. The shade, Hot Damn (very appropriately named), is a bright cherry red, which is not the most flattering shade against my skin tone. Despite this, I really do like the formula and the color; which surprises me a little because I usually avoid this tone of red as if it were the plague. So I'm really pleased with this and can see myself wearing this lip crayon a lot during the spring and summer months.

   The Coastal Scents Revealed palette is...I don't even know where to start. 
   Let's just get this out there: I did not by any means need another eyeshadow palette. I now have enough eyeshadow to last me for ten years (if makeup didn't go bad, of course).

   That being said, I'm really loving that this palette was included in the box. I've heard a lot on Youtube and various blogs that the majority of shades in this twenty shade palette are dupes for the Urban Decay Naked 1 and 2 palettes. I personally don't own either of those palettes, so I really cannot claim that kind of comparison. I can say that the colors in this palette are beautiful. 

   There are five matte shades, fifteen shimmer. The majority of these shades pull cool, there's only a couple that seem like they are neutral or warm in tone. I've been using this a lot since it arrived, and I really like the formula, for the most part. They are smooth, not as buttery as Urban Decay or Lorac shadows, but smooth nonetheless. I think I would like this palette more if there were more matte shades included. I feel like the matte shades that are in this palette are a little too cool and don't show up very well on my skin tone. But that's just me!

   One downside to these shadows is that there is a lot of fallout. I've noticed that it will seem like I've got it under control and the shadow is staying where it ought to, but when I've finished my look, there will be shimmer everywhere under my eyes. I'm very careful to tap excess product off my brushes, so even with that, you have to be very careful not to pick up too much shadow at once. The colors build up great, so I would just use a little at a time and build up the intensity as desired. My favorite shades are number 3, 6, 8, 9, 11, and 15.

   Overall, I am very, very happy with this month's box! I feel like I have more makeup products than I can ever use, but it's really fun to get products and colors that I normally wouldn't purchase myself. I can't wait to see what they pack into January's box, I kind of hope there are some skincare products because I'm always on the hunt for the next best cleanser or moisturizer.

Till next time!
Love, Little Mouse 

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