One Liner Wednesday 02...except it's Thursday

So I dropped the ball on posting yesterday thanks to an inconvenient cold I've somehow wound up with. Though it is belated, I hope you do enjoy this week's one liners. I may start including one-liners that I hear outside of working with the kids as well, because my friends say some pretty hysterical things...

The names of all the kids have been changed.

"It's shmarshmellows!" Mark, regarding a picture of snowballs.
Shmarshmellows are my favorite. 

"Teacher! He keeps saying penguin!" John
"Aww, sweet penguin." Jesse coos, patting John's head.

Me: "Find the spikey star."
Dale: "You mean the snowflake."
Me: "Yes, that is actually what I meant."

Laila: "Do you want to ask him what we're supposed to do?" (we were debating on entering a speak-easy)
Me: "Nah, I'm just going to look it up online and see what we need to do."
Laila: "Wow, that's very nerdy of you."

Till next time!
Love, Little Mouse

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