December Favorites

   Another month has come and past. Another day, not here to last.

   Okay, enough corny poetry, I'm going to be talking about the things I really enjoyed the most during the month of December and why.

   Let's get started!


Gray 2015 Leather Agenda- This is by no means a fancy agenda. But quite frankly, I love the simplicity of it. This agenda has both large monthly pages, along with weekly pages. This is great for me, because I like to be able to see the events I have planned at a month's glance, and then have the ability to go through and add more details or lists in the weekly section. I was able to start using it in December and I LOVE having a physical agenda that I can write in as opposed to a digital one. I feel much more inspired to write in general when I'm writing down the details of my day or jotting down funny little things the kids say, ect.

Zero UV Retro Cat Eye Glasses- I had the junkiest, oldest, beat up pair of cat eye glasses for the longest time. I refused to give them up because I loved the shape of them and couldn't find a replacement pair. I was finally able to find a pair from the website that were almost exactly the same, actually better than the original. AND they were on sale. I was so excited to find these sunglasses, my husband found a pair that he liked as well. This shop was great. They had the glasses to us within two days, and the quality of these are absolutely fabulous! I am so, so happy that I finally found a site that I could get great sunglasses for really great prices.

Fantastic Mr. Fox- I know this movie has been around for a few years now, but I didn't actually watch it until earlier this month. I absolutely LOVE this movie. It is so well done, as all Wes Anderson movies are, the humor was perfect and the characters were all so awesome. I feel that my life was missing a little something before seeing this film. My favorite characters were Ash and Kristofferson, I think their interaction is absolutely hysterical.


L'Oreal Telescopic Shocking Extensions Mascara- I started using this mascara at the end of last month, and I have really enjoyed it. I feel like it gives my eyelashes length, but they still look really natural and pretty. It's great for when I want to wear minimal makeup.

Tarte 12 Hour Amazonian Clay Blush in Blissful- This is a great, natural shade of pink. It's not too bright or non-existent. It goes well with pretty much every type of eye look. I really love it.

Kat Von D Star Studded Book of Shadows, particularly the shade Depeche- This is pretty much the most beautiful, amazing shade of goldish-warm-bronze. I love it so much, I've used it almost everyday.

Origins Night-A-Mins Moisturizer- This evening moisturizer is wonderfully thick and keeps my skin soft all night long. This has been such a great help in combating my dry, winter skin. It smells a lot like citrus fruits, which I quite like. On nights when I'm feeling particularly dehydrated, I load this up and  it's an instant relief for my skin.

Dolce & Gabbana Pour Femme perfume- I LOVE THIS PERFUME. I cannot get enough of it. The scent is both sweet and spicy, delicate yet strong. But not overpowering, of course. Every time I wear this and catch a whiff of it throughout the day, I just have to stop and take a nice, drawn out breath of it. It is so, so good. I really cannot stop wearing it.

Here are some swatches of the Tart blush in Blissful and the Kat Von D eyeshadow in Depeche.


Striped Dress by Merona at Target- This dress was my favorite find in December. It has the most flattering, lovely cut and shape to it. The print is so nice, the neutral gray and blacks stripes go well with every color and the print works surprisingly well with other prints. This lovely little dress fit me perfectly off the rack AND it was on clearance. I just can't get over what a great find it was. 

Flower Print Scarf from Forever 21- This lovely scarf was a gift from one of the little students I work with. I love everything about this scarf; the print, the colors, the lightweight fabric. It is a great scarf and I will forever remember my little student whenever I wear this scarf. 

   So these were the things I was loving the most last month. I'm excited for the new adventures, both large and small, that I'll be able to experience this year. Time does pass too quickly, but I feel that I am gradually, subtly reaching major goals I've made for myself, and it has been nice to reflect on the small victories and stepping stones I've made this year on the path to accomplishing larger plans. It's really difficult at times for me to stay motivated when the results take too long to get, but it is always worth it to stick with something you've started and see it through to the end.

Till next time!
Love, Little Mouse


  1. Sam where did you get your agenda?

    1. Hey Nicole! I got it from the Marshall's near my house. There were quite a few and in some different colors as well. :)