My Move Into Minimalism 05: I've Hit Silver...

As I continue on my journey towards a more minimal, simplified life, one of my ongoing goals has been to be sure to use up the makeup products I already currently own rather than buying backups or excess. This has resulted in some of, what I feel to be, victorious pan hitting. Here's a breakdown of this small accomplishment...

First up: the larger face powder compacts...

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Exposed- I had mentioned in a previous post that I'd already hit pan on Exposed by Tarte, but I wanted to show just how significant of an amount I have used of this blush. I truly adore Expose; it has definitely earned its place as my Number One, Holy Grail blush. The shade pairs perfectly with any and every makeup look, is flattering to my skin tone, and wears flawlessly through the day. When I finish off this blush (if I do before it goes bad...) I will absolutely be purchasing a new one.

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer (Medium/Deep)- This is the only bronzer I actually own, so it's no surprise that I've hit pan on it. I had been toying with the idea of passing it on to a friend because I feel like I really don't need bronzer. However, when I saw the tell-tale silver glint of pan, I decided to keep this and ride it out until I've completely used it up.

Too Faced Primed and Poreless pressed powder- This is such a beautiful powder; it's lightweight and smooth, and does not look cakey on my face despite the dry patches of skin I have. Sadly, I had put it to the side and replaced its daily use with my Laura Mercier setting powder, but I honestly love the finish of this Too Faced powder over Laura Mercier. I'm trying to alternate between both powders to finish them off, and once I get through them both, I will only repurchase this Too Faced one...unless something more amazing hits my radar. It's hard to imagine that though.

NYX Blush in Taupe- I have been using this blush in Taupe as my one and only contour shade for the last two years. I am beyond thrilled to say that I've finished it completely. I took the pictures in the post a couple of weeks ago, and in the past two weeks, I scraped through the remainder of this "blush" and only have small fragments left around the edges. I feel satisfied in knowing that I finished off an entire powder product, and can say with a certainty that this blush made an excellent contour shade for my medium-tan skin. I have no plans of repurchasing this anytime soon, however, as I've found that two of the shades in my Viseart Neutral 041 palette work phenomenally for the same purpose.

Now, for the eye products...

Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer- I love this concealer. Combined with an orange color correcter, this does the job of camouflaging my dark under eye circles. I've found that I can't use too much, or it will start to look a little too thick. However, just the right amount set with the lightest dusting of powder is beautiful and natural looking, and helps me to feel a lot less self-conscious. I have, since taking these photos, used as much of the product as I could possibly scrape up and I did repurchase the same concealer.

Urban Decay eye shadow in Skimp- This little-bitty eye shadow came from a 500 point perk at Sephora. This satin, ivory-cream hue makes for the most beautiful, soft, natural looking highlight for under the brow bone and the inner corner of the eye. While I don't use it everyday, I've used it frequently enough to hit some major pan. I can't say I'd really go out of my way to purchase it again, but if I found that I was missing it, I could be moved to.

MAC Pro Shadow in Bamboo- I have had this eye shadow for years. Years. I don't think this is even available at MAC anymore. Technically, I should throw this out due to its expiration date passing long ago, but I can't seem to let go. It makes a perfect transition shade for any eye shadow look I seem to do, it is still soft and highly pigmented, there are no weird bumps or texture developing, and I have not had any issues with it causing irritation on my skin or I refuse to get rid of it! You can call me disgusting if you want to. I don't care. This eye shadow is amazing and I use it, literally, every single day and will continue to do so until its time has come.

Those are all of the products that I have made exciting progress on in my endeavor to move forward to minimalism. Thank you so much for taking the time to look through and read this post. I hope that you have a wonderful rest of the week!

Till next time.
Love, Little Mouse


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