My Autumn Favorites

   I wasn't able to blog about my September and October favorites, so I thought I'd just do one post about my favorites things from this autumn season (September through November).

   I didn't really stray from my must-have-every-day items this fall, even though I got a few new things. I feel that I really need to use the new things I purchased for a little longer before I can say whether they are favorites of mine or not. 

   So, without further ado, here are my favorites from this fall season! Click the link below to view...

-Beauty Favorites-

Tarte's Pin-Up Girl blush palette- I purchased this blush palette around the end of September, and I have been using it almost every single day since purchasing it. I feel like it has the perfect shade options, especially for someone who may be starting their makeup collection and doesn't want to get too many individual products. The color pigmentation is really nice, and easy to build up or keep subdued. I highly, highly recommend this palette.

MAC's Matte lipstick in Sin- I love a deep, dark red lip any time of year honestly, but especially so during the autumn and winter. The shade I've been using the most is Mac's Sin. It is a beautiful, deep blue-ish red shade. It is a matte formula, so it can be a touch drying on my lips if I don't put on a moisturizing balm before applying the lipstick. Other than that, it's such a great color, and I feel like it lasts for a while before I have to reapply.

Essie's nail polish in Wicked and Style Cartel- I have been loving these shades for my nails these last few months. Wicked is a very deep, vampy Oxblood (ugh, hate that color name but...) red. Style Cartel is a deep blue, indoors it looks almost Navy, but in the sunlight, you can see how vibrant the color really is. I pretty much have only been wearing these two shades, I just switch them out every week. 

-Style Favorites-

Cat Sweater from Target- I absolutely adore this hooded sweater from Target. The lining is so soft and cozy, and the color is such a beautiful forest green. The best part about it, of course, is the print. I'm an animal lover, and especially so with cats and kittens. Sadly, my husband is extremely allergic to, well, pretty much all animals so I can't have a pet of my own. I make up for it by getting ridiculous animal printed clothing items. It works out. 

Black Beanie from Target- This was a very inexpensive, simple beanie from the men's section of Target. There's nothing really exciting about it, but I have been reaching for it a lot to keep my ears warm or camouflage my messy hair, and whenever I wear it I get random compliments that it makes me look cute. So I'm going to keep rocking it, because I'm all about comfy, casual clothes that still look cute as opposed to making me look homeless. 

-Home Ware Favorite-

Chesapeake Bay Candle Cashmere Plum candle (Target)- Oh man, can you tell I went nuts at Target?! Three favorites all from Target! This candle, though, is too amazing not to mention. It smells just like a Bonne Bell Lip Smacker, which of course, reminds me of my childhood. I didn't really smell the plum in it, just a warm, sweet scent. I guess that's what plum smells like?? I loved it so much, I had it burning almost everyday. It lasted me for about two weeks, with burning it for several hours at a time. I am seriously contemplating buying however many are left at Target the next time I'm there because this candle was awesome. If I had it burning for over half an hour, my entire home smelled warm and wonderful. It did kick up a bit of smoke if I didn't keep the wick trimmed, other than that, it was great. 

-Entertainment Favorite-

Explosion's in the Sky station on Pandora- I love the band Explosions in the Sky. They are, I'd say, 95% instrumental and their music is very beautiful and calming. I especially love their guitar melodies. I've been really enjoying listening to my Explosion's in the Sky station on Pandora because it pulls up other really great instrumental bands/songs that I can listen to when relaxing or cleaning. Because they're all instrumental it's not distracting if I want to read or write something, so that's really pleasant. In fact, I'm listening to the station right now. Quite a few of the songs have been very inspiring to me and really moved me to play my guitar a bit more lately. The only downside to listening to Pandora is how frequent commercials have become, but I'm too cheap to pay for ad free music. 

   So these are a few of my favorite things from the last few months, there are more of course, but I'd be writing forever if I were to list everything. I was able to get quite a few things during the Black Friday (it was Black Friday for the whole week though, so, not sure what you would call it) and Cyber Monday sales, so I'm looking forward to getting those things in the mail and sharing them. I'm also really excited for it to be December, because the weather in Southern California is actually starting to cool down. Here's hoping to rainy days!
Love, Little Mouse

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