I Have a Problem...(A Confession/Beauty Haul)

   So this is beauty haul, but it's also a sad, sad confession. Clearly, I have a serious problem. I mean, did I really need eight new nail polishes and eye shadows, or two new liquid lipsticks? No not at all, and yet, here we are. Do I regret these purchases? No, not so much. Especially because this is more of a collective beauty hall; things I accumulated over the course of a few weeks. So let's shamelessly talk about my binging-beauty-shopaholic-disorder.

Benefit Erase Paste- I purchased this concealer because it's one of the ones I used to absolutely love a few years ago. I had strayed away from it to try new concealers, but after getting a sample from Sephora, I refreshed my memory as to why this was always a favorite of mine. This highly-pigmented concealer brightens and conceals my dark under-eye circles. It is quite emollient and will crease if I don't properly set it, but I love the way it makes me look awake and refreshed without a ton of work. 

Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm in Grapefruit& Ginger- I had been hearing about this lip balm for awhile, and was curious to try it out, but it wasn't a necessity by any means. I picked it up anyway because, as previously mentioned, I have a problem. I have been using and enjoying this lip balm so far. It does leave a bit of a weird texture on my lips if I put too much on, but it does a great job at keeping the skin on my lips pleasantly moisturized. It smells delicious as well.

Nails Inc London Polishes in Gel Effect Top Coat, Kensington Passage Kensington High Street, Soho Place, Baker Street, and Porchester Square- So I went nuts with the Nails Inc polishes, mostly because I picked up two from the clearance bin and was blown away by the quality. So I made an order later on in the week for three more shades and the gel top coat. I'm not going to go too much into depth about these polishes because I actually have a review post that will be going up tomorrow or Wednesday. 

Sinful Colors Polish in Let's Meet- I actually really like the Sinful Colors brand; they are inexpensive and the quality is right up there with some of my Essie polishes. Anyway, my old yellow polishes had gone bad, so I wanted to pick up a new one and this shade from Sinful Colors fit the bill quite nicely. 

Essie Polish in Find Me an Oasis- I'd been wanting a nail polish that was almost white, but not really and this Essie color was so perfectly white-blue. It's so beautiful and clean looking on my nails, I love it so much! I got a lot of compliments when I was sporting it.

L.A.Girl Matte Lip Gloss in Fleur- I'd heard so many good things about these "matte lip-glosses," so I was curious to try them out for myself. The shade Fleur is an absolutely beautiful, warm, coral-toned nude color; which I adore. The formula for me is, for lack of a better word, meh. I expected it to wear better throughout the day than it did, but it also didn't surprise me that it didn't last as long as higher-end liquid lipsticks. Despite the way it wears off, I do quite enjoy the gloss. And for less than $4, I cannot complain too much.

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita- I have been waiting, debating, lusting, and agonizing over this liquid lipstick. I went from wanting it, to hating it, to regretting that I passed it up in quite a short time frame. Lolita is talked about so much by so many, and I just felt like I didn't need it. Let me tell you though, I picked this up the very moment I saw this restocked online. I LOVE this color, I love this lipstick. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT. The hype on this puppy is real. Need I say more?

Makeup Geek Shadow in Poppy and Peach Smoothie- My very dear friend gifted these two shades to me. She is the enthusiast who originally hooked me onto Makeup Geek eye shadows, and she knows how much I love Peach Smoothie, so she got me a back up, knowing that I was going to hit pan on the current one I have soon. She also gave me Poppy, because I'm a sucker for a bright, warm eye shadow. Thank you Susan, I love them! 

Morphe Eye Shadows in ES15/20/62/63/74/76- I went a little nuts with Morphe single shadows on my last couple trips to the Makeup Shack. I just can't help it-they're so great and so inexpensive. As you can see from the image above, there are three matte shades and three shimmer. I just felt like getting a bunch of great neutrals that could be rotated in-and-out of my day-to-day shadow routine. These have been excellent (as expected) and are surprisingly NOT dupes for any other neutral shadows I currently own. It's a shock, I know.

   You may have thought it would never end, but finally, it does. That's it for my collective confessional-haul. I have seriously-SERIOUSLY-put myself on a no-buy for makeup for the next few months (well, except for a few of the new Kat Von D liquid lipsticks coming out in July, but that's besides the point) until I start actually using up what I have or donating/selling what I'm not going to use up. 

   Thank you so much, as always, for reading or scrolling through this post. It seriously means so much to me that you took the time of day to even visit my blog for a moment. All the best to you, may your week be swift and your weekend fun-filled. ;)

Till next time!
Love, Little Mouse


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