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   Today was the first day of school where I live, which made it the first day of work for me. This was the first summer break that I really felt was far too short. As much I enjoyed my time off thoroughly, it felt as if the summer was packed with more things to do than the rest of the entire year was. 

   I took one day off of everything just before I had to start really prepping for the start of the school year. I felt that I desperately needed some time at the beach; by myself, undisturbed. 

   And it was amazing.

   I went to The Wedge, which is a little spot at Newport Beach near where the harbor lets out to the ocean. There's usually really good waves for surfing there. It is definitely among my top five favorite places in nature. After making my way out on the jetty as far as possible, I found a nice little rock to park myself on and read for a few hours. The day that I decided to go, the weather was so oddly beautiful. It was hot and humid, with a lot of fog rolling in and out. It made for some pretty breathtaking shots...which I only got with my phone camera. So the quality of the pictures aren't that great, but they are still pretty beautiful. Honestly though, nothing beats the actual experience.

   This was my favorite shot from the day. The jetty looks as if it's disappearing off into infinity. It was so spectacular. 

   Ever since I was a child, I loved climbing out onto the jetties as far as I could. I had no fear of losing my balance or falling. I just wanted to be as far away from the shore as possible. It was always my mother who would come scrambling after me out on the rocks, calling me back frantically to a safer distance. 

   I still love to go out as far as I possibly can, though my limbs and joints aren't as nimble and cooperative as they once were. The ocean will always be my home away from home, my place of peace. 

   I sincerely hope that you all had a wonderful, fun-filled, productive summer, and I hope that your autumn, winter, and spring will be as equally fulfilling. If not even more. 

   Thank you for visiting!

Till next time.
Love, Little Mouse


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