A Very Belated Post on My November and December Favorites

   Belated yes, but my feelings towards the tangible and intangible items I'm going to talk about are still just as strong. So let's get into them, shall we? This is going to be quite a wordy post, so prepare yourself.
   Let's start with all of the tangible favorites first...


Hooded Jacket by The Zenana (Marshall's)- When the weather started cooling down a touch here and we got a bit of rain, I realized that I was sorely in need of a lightweight, warm, rain-proof jacket for work. I have a heavy wool hooded coat, but it was just too cumbersome to wear while working with the kids. I was able to find this puffy, lightweight hooded coat at my local Marshall's and I fell in love with it. Despite it being so light and seemingly thin, this jacket is incredibly warm and it compliments pretty much every casual and work outfit I've paired it with thus far. It has been the perfect jacket for me.

Nyddia Boot by Steve Madden (Marshall's)- After the Great Closet Purge, I was left with only two pairs of boots; ill-fitting ankle boots and knee-high riding boots. I felt that I needed a pair of low-heeled, narrow-ankle boots that fit along better with my style and current wardrobe. I happened across these Steve Madden boots while at Marshall's and thought I'd try them out, seeing as they were on sale and looked almost exactly like what I'd been searching for. I'm so happy I did purchase them, as they have been the only pair of shoes I've really wanted to wear since doing so. I can't get over how much I love them. I think the only thing I wish was different is that I'd gone a half size down and that they were real leather. I've been able to still wear them comfortably despite the size issue, and I'm able to live on with the faux-leather. I know vegans everywhere are probably hexing me, but I really prefer leather shoes and boots-they just last longer and mold better to my feet. Sorry, not sorry.

-Personal Effects-

Elephant Travel Safe Coffee Canteen- I picked up this absolutely adorable coffee canteen from Roasting Waters. I think the little elephant print is adorable, and this keeps my coffee wonderfully hot for a good three or four hours after I've initially poured it into the canteen. Additionally, the screw on cap is perfectly spill proof. Win, win, win.

The iPhone 6s in Rosegold- This was probably the most exciting purchase of the year for me. I'm sure I've said that about a few other products, but I really and truly mean it for this. I had the iPhone 4s for the last three years, and I patiently waited and waited before upgrading until I felt that it was absolutely worth it. I'm not a materialistic person, I really was content with my phone and didn't feel the need to upgrade. That was until 4s started crashing and giving me more and more difficulties each time there was an iOS update. I'd finally had enough, and had saved enough, to justify making the upgrade. I love that my new phone is so slim and lightweight, but it's so much sturdier than the 4s. I haven't had any issues with using it thus far, it's pretty much the same as what I've grown accustomed to. There are some helpful new features that I really enjoy, but I wouldn't say they are what I'd purchase the phone for. Honestly, I bought the newest of iPhone in hopes that I won't have to upgrade again for another three years or so. Here's to hoping! Anyways, I love my phone, am perfectly content with it, and am so glad that I finally made the upgrade.


Studio Makeup Blush in Wildflower- This was the blush that was included in November's Boxycharm. It has been the most beautiful, perfect color for the autumn and winter, and I have been wearing it very often. The formula of this blush is great; it's smooth and soft, very pigmented but easy to blend. I enjoy this blush so much, I'm so happy to have received it through my Boxycharm subscription.

OFRA Liquid Lipsticks in Brooklyn and Havana Nights- So I was incredibly illogical and decided to pick up a few of the OFRA liquid lipsticks while I had a coupon code that made them inexpensive enough for me to mentally justify the purchase. Of the four that I purchased (oh yeah, I am still on the path to minimalism, just took a slight detour...) the shades Brooklyn and Havana Nights have been my favorites; formula and color-wise. Brooklyn is a beautiful, rich, chocolate brown that I literally had nothing like before. It is such a pretty shade of lipstick and I think it really pairs well with my skin tone, shockingly enough. Havana Nights is a gorgeous, deep red color. In the pictures I had looked at prior to purchase, it appeared that it would be a very unique shade. It turns out to be very similar to Kat Von D's liquid lipstick in Vampira. I think that Havana Nights is a bit lighter in shade, but it is the same tone and intensity of red as the KVD shade, however I feel that there is enough of a difference to justify having them both. That could just be the hoarder in me trying to make its way out... 

Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick in Vampira and Exorcism- I just can't seem to get enough of the KVD liquid lipsticks, the formula is so amazing and works so well for me personally. Vampira has been a favorite color of mine for quite some time now. It is a beautiful deep, rich, burgundy color. I feel like this is my "power-color" lipstick; I feel invincible when wearing it, not self conscious whatsoever. The second color I've been gravitating towards a lot is Exorcism (unfortunate name, but a really pretty color) which is a cool-toned, deep "blackberry" shade. I typically don't prefer cool-toned lipstick, I feel that they tend to wash me out quite a bit. Exorcism is no exception to that tendency; if I don't pack on the blush and wear full-coverage concealer but wear Exorcism, I look like I'm at Death's door. Which is not particularly what I am aiming for. Despite all that, I still love the color and wear it as often as possible.

   Now for the intangible favorites...


Televangelist- My husband was searching for some new bands that we could get into through Reddit, and one of the bands he pulled up was Televangelist. He wasn't as taken by them, but I instantly fell in love with their sound. They reminded me a lot of the band Facing New York, which I also used to really enjoy a lot. They have that "Math-Rock" sound; really intricate guitar riffs, interesting, syncopated drum fills, and almost atmospheric feel about their music. I really love the song "Letters," I think it's my favorite of theirs so far, but I haven't even had the opportunity to listen to everything they have produced. I highly recommend checking them out, as my description does them little justice.

Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens- Yes. I won't say much regarding this favorite, because I really don't have to. I think this was almost every Star Wars fan's favorite in December. I won't say 100% of the Star Wars fan base loved it, I heard quite a bit of rumbling and grumbling regarding it. Personally, I was really concerned that I would be disappointed in this film, due to the...how do I say this nicely?...poor writing and directing of SW Episodes I-III. I am very, very glad to say that not only was I not disappointed, I am actually very much looking forward to seeing how the trilogy will progress from here. There was some sadness for me (that I will not get into so as not to ruin it for anyone who has somehow not seen it) but overall it was a great movie and as a long-time Star Wars fan, I was pleased. 

   So there they are, all the many things I loved and enjoyed during November and December. I feel like time has really been racing past me, to the point where months have felt as though they were mere hours or minutes. I don't care for that sensation, but the only thing I can try to do is hang on tight and keep up with it. Thank you so much for reading this far or even skimming through this post. I really appreciate the support. 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
Love, Little Mouse


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