Shorty Styles File 03

   My hair has been so dry and frizzy lately because of the weather, and the fact that it hadn't been cut for over eight months was not helping either. So I was really rocking this messy bun "look" a lot

   I finally got my hair cut about a week ago, but it's still long enough to pull back into this "bun" and I quite like how it looks. Most times, I'll curl the front bits, but there are many times I can't be bothered. However, I think this little 'do looks great either way. I particularly love wearing my hair like this when I want it to look a little nicer than usual, or to hide the fact that it's dirty. Which is more often the case than not.

What I use...
Add some texture.
Lots and lots of texture...
Pull back the majority of hair, allow the shorter front textures to remain loose.
Curl the front sections.
All done.
The view from the back. Look at that cute, iddy-biddy-baby bun!
   What's your go to hair style when you're having an off hair day?

Till next time!
Love, Little Mouse

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