Weekend Wear


   I enjoy getting fancy and dressing in my best pieces, but don't often have the opportunity. The work that I do doesn't really call for more than jeans and a nice blouse. This past weekend, however, I had a two day event that I attended and it called for dressing up. It's still very warm here, so they are not very "autumnal," but they are still fun and the colors are sort of autumn appropriate. 

day one
blouse-Marshall's/skirt-Nordstrom Rack/heels-DSW/necklace-F21/clutch-Target(old)
day two

skirt-thrifted/top-thrifted/heels-F21(old)/striped sweater (from the top)-Banana Republic
   This weekend was so nice, and like every weekend, went by far too quickly. I really wish that I had a better camera, the qualities of the photos I get from my current one are hit and miss. It's a bummer, but I work with what I've got. Till next time!

Love, Little Mouse

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