Setting Small Goals

   So many changes have come about in the last few months. To be honest, I became completely derailed from a good schedule and disenchanted in all the things I had been working towards and the goals I had set. I keep hearing that it's normal to experience that after going through a traumatic loss. Whether it's "normal" or not, it is what I've been going through.

   I've been allowing myself to grieve and feel hurt or numb. It's gotten to the point now that I'm tired of spending unproductive hours binge watching Youtube and on Pinterest, using the excuse that "I'm sad, so I can't do anything." Doing this leaves me feeling more anxious and unfulfilled than if I were to just get up and do something. I cannot be happy with myself unless I'm doing something, anything, that is forward momentum and I think it's a healthier way to deal with grief than to give up on everything. So it's time that I get back into a consistent schedule and set some new realistic goals for myself.

   I thought that a good way of holding myself responsible to these goals would be to share them. If it's public and official, the pressure is on. In a good way, of course. There are some other goals of mine which are much more personal and spiritual, and these are continuous in nature, so I only listed goals that would have definite markers indicating their completion.

   So here are my goals for Spring:

   Finish unpacking and decorating my home- We were getting so close to completely finishing with the unpacking and decorating, but I was completely derailed. But there's no sense in just allowing things to sit around and collect dust. There are just a few more boxes to go!
   De-clutter and streamline my closet- I have way too many clothes, and I have such a difficult time getting rid of things. But it's at the point where picking out something to wear everyday causes me anxiety because I can't figure out what "goes." My goal is to have somewhat of a "Minimalist's" closet, which would therefore eradicate the need for excessive outfit planning or worry.

   Practice my guitar two times a week- Playing the guitar and writing music used to be my main emotional outlet, and I used to practice everyday. As I started working and then got married, I began to lose touch with my music, and I've really felt that missing in my life lately.
  Read one recreational book per month- There are a lot of things I read that are for my spiritual and personal growth, which I consider necessary and beneficial. I would like to read one book a month that is simply for the pleasure of reading.
   Learn how to cook a new dish every other week- I've gotten into such a rut with my cooking, and I'm finding myself itching to try new things. So I'm going to do my best to break out the cook book and open my mind to newer dishes. This will require good planning and follow through on my part.

   So there are my realistic goals, and I will be consistently reviewing my progress on these goals. My hopes are that having these smaller, seemingly trivial goals will give me enough momentum and confidence to get my act together again. Do you have any goals that you've been working towards? What helps you to stay motivated? Thank you as always for your support!

Till next time.
Love, Little Mouse

Love, Little Mouse

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