Shorty Styles File 01

I've had very long hair, I've had extremely short hair, and everything in between. That being said, I would have to say that my personal favorite length is right about where my hair is at now. I love having a little bit of length to play with and style. 

My favorite thing to do with my hair lately has been to style it into loose, textured waves, which requires a little bit of work being that my hair is naturally stick straight. First, I use a heat protecting spray throughout my hair. Then, using a 1" curling iron, I separate my hair into small section and curl each little section in the opposite direction of the piece before it. This is so that none of the curls settle in to each other. Lastly, I give it a good shake out, a few generous spritzes of hairspray, followed by sea salt spray for a little extra texture. 

I love this style because it makes me really happy when my hair is piece-y and (purposely) messy looking. Anything too polished and perfect makes me feel like I'm done up way too much for what my day entails. Till next time.

Love, Little Mouse

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