Shorty Styles File 02

My hair is fairly thin, very fine, and stick straight. There's not a whole lot of body and texture to it, so I have to use a lot of product and a touch of backcombing at my crown to achieve the fluffy, textured, piece-y hair styles I prefer. 

These are the products I've been using lately. It may seem like a lot, but the combination doesn't weigh down my hair or make it stiff. The Argan oil spray protects my hair from heat and keeps my ends from splitting. I use it whenever I'm going to use any heating tools, and it leaves my hair really soft and shiny. The Rusk thick spray combined with the Sexy Hair root pump mousse gives my roots more body and lift. The Sexy Hair spray clay and Bed Head manipulator pomade adds texture to my ends, and I LOVE a lot of texture. I quite like the final result.

Love, Little Mouse

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