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   This past weekend was Wondercon, and my husband and I attended on Saturday only this year. Sadly, I was a little disappointed this time around. I [personally] felt that there wasn't enough new and exciting/interesting booths, events, or panels available that I hadn't already seen at the previous Wondercons. Truthfully, once the Husby and I finished walking the floor and had seen all the booths there were to see, we decided to leave earlier than we typically would have for such an event. None of the panels really appealed to us, and we weren't looking to buy a ton of merchandise, so there really wasn't much else to do or see. 

   Other than the Cosplay, which I did admire, like a creeper.

   One of my favorite things about Wondercon is the artists' booths; I just really love discovering new artists and looking through their portfolios. And while there were a few new artists that I hadn't seen in the previous years, the majority were the same and they didn't have any striking new additions to their displays. It's not that I am no longer interested in their art, it's simply that I already own quite a few prints from my favorite artists who were there. I did find one new-to-me-artist, Jackie Huang, whose work I really enjoyed and ended up purchasing one of her prints (pictured above). I really appreciate her use of color, shading, and negative space.

   When it comes to cosplay, I'm like the kid who wants to be part of the cool group and tries to imitate their style but just can't ever be as cool as them. I'll see cosplayers create these really unique and interesting costumes that are either exact replicas or interpretations of the real thing, and they look AWESOME. When I attempt to do the same, it just does not pan out right. I pulled another "Lazy Girl's Cosplay," by dressing up as what I called "Cutesy Catwoman." In my imagination, this was going to be a great, unique way to represent my favorite antihero without repeating my previous years' cosplay. However, the execution fell far from its intention, and my cosplay ended up being too obscure and abstract to connect to the character that inspired it. It was cute, but just not Catwoman-esque, or familiar enough. Oh well! I'm going to be starting now on prepping next year's cosplay so that I don't have another dud costume. If you'd like to see my cosplay from previous years, you can explore my Instagram feed. I promise, they're not nearly as lame as this years.

   Overall, while this year's Wondercon wasn't my favorite, nor was it the most stirring/inspiring, I had a good time with my Husby checking out interests we both share. I think next year's Wondercon will be awesome.

Till next time.
Love, Little Mouse

Love, Little Mouse

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